Affiliate marketing in 2020 for beginners: What it is and how to get started

Before understanding what is affiliate marketing or what is a brand affiliate and how does it work, which will include pro level keyword research and knowledge about various affiliate marketing programs for beginners, let us take a look at the extent of income from this method. I will also guide you on how to get affiliate links and affiliate marketing strategy

Next question. Does affiliate marketing work in 2020? Answer is a big yes. But not giving any false hope, you have to do little bit of research and limited hard work to earn that much in your bank balance. Don’t worry ! I will guide you step by step from learning about key aspects of Affiliate marketing and how you can do pro level keyword research of the products which will help you to earn your fortune. Additionally, affiliate marketing cost is zero. There is no starting fees. So, lets dive in to learn step by step affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work ?

Affiliate marketing definition is quite simple. It means selling someone’s products or services on your moderate or high traffic websites and social media handles which in returns gives you a certain commission of affiliate sale’s price. In other words, it’s a revenue share program.

Does affiliate marketing work in 2020 ?

Positive. Online affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income that can help you to earn in thousands or maybe in millions with best affiliate marketing strategy. Though You have to update latest deals on weekly or monthly basis, but after that just forget about your blog, it’s now an automatic money making machine. As long as people order’s through your link, you will earn

How much and when will I earn ?

There are many rumors that you need a millions traffic website to earn hefty amount of money through affiliate marketing. But, its nothing more than a hoax. Believe me ! If you sell products related to your niche then approximately 2000 visitors, who must be targeted ones can increase your affiliate income by minimum thousand bucks. Affiliate marketing business is quite profitable. Let’s begin with best in class guide to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Commission Rates

It’s certain percentage of total product’s price you will receive after buyer’s successful transaction. It varies for each and every product but with accordance to category. Check affiliate commission rates below and to see latest change in these rates click on following image.

Amazon India Commission Rates

Amazon.Co.Uk (EU) Commission (Outside India)

How to create an Amazon affiliate account

Step 1 – Afterwards, the following window will open up where you have to fill up your details.

  • PAYEE NAME: Enter your name that must be same as on your bank account that is being used for payment.
  • ADDRESS LINE 1: Enter your address, it may or may not matches your bank account.
  • Postal Code: Enter Pin code of your area.
  • Who is main contact for your account: If you are making this affiliate account for yourself, then don’t change the automatic selection (the payee listed above).
  • For U.S. tax purposes, are you a U.S. person: Select No, if you reside in India.

Step 2- Then after clicking next, the below window will appear.

  • Enter your Website(s): Enter your site’s URL, in which you will put affiliate links. You can add multiple sites in one go.
  • Enter your mobile app URL(s): Mention your app URL, if you have one otherwise leave it untouched.

Step 3- By clicking on next, you will be prompted to Profile and Traffic & Monetization section.

  • What is your preferred Associates Store ID: It is a tag used to track your commissions made by your ads on the Affiliate Associate Program. You can choose any name for your Associate Store ID. I will suggest you to use your website domain or your own name.
  • What are your websites or mobile apps about: Write one line summary about your website or app. Example- This site or channel is about affiliate marketing and blogging.
  • Which of the following topics best describes your websites or mobile apps: Set primary and secondary topic in accordance to category of service or information your website provides.
  • What type are your websites or mobile apps: I will suggest you to choose option ‘a content or Niche website’ in primary type and ‘other’ in secondary type.
  • How do you drive traffic to your website(s): Select the means through which traffic comes to your website. It may be Paid search, SEO, blogs, Social networks etc.
  • How do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income: Choose the sources of income that are present on your website. Example- Google Adsence, affiliate marketing etc.
  • How do you usually build links: Choose option ‘Content Management System’
  • How many total unique visitors do your websites and apps get per month: If you are a beginner, select ‘501 to 5000’.

What are affiliate links ?

An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID of product that you want to sell in your preferred affiliate marketing programs. Through this link people will buy and you will get commission. Simple.

How to set up affiliate links in website

  • It’s quite simple. I will be using Amazon as an example of affiliate marketing programs.
  • Just go to product description page on Amazon and you will a banner in header portion of webpage, similar to one mentioned above.
  • Now click in get link in upper banner portion and now you can put affiliate links in your posts. I hope your doubt on how to become affiliate is clear.

Best places to post affiliate links

If you are a beginner and desire to learn how to advertise as an affiliate, then you can check out this video by Nathan Lucas from YouTube Channel Freedom Influencer as he explains 2 best places to put affiliate links.

Now You know how to get into affiliate marketing, but we are still quarter way through to learn everything about affiliate marketing. Next step is Keyword Research and its Methodology.

Why Keyword research is necessary ?

Suppose you have selected home appliance as your niche & “microwave’ as your affiliate product. If you are thinking that you just place random microwave brand links in your blog and people will buy it, then you are wasting your time and money. Buying is second aspect, your blog/article will not even reach to targeted audience. That’s where, keyword analysis comes in very handy in affiliate system. You have to find the exact keyword most people are searching for. Let me be your guide in affiliate digital marketing

How to do keyword research for SEO

Just for ease, I will be using “Amazon India” as affiliate marketing programs to enlighten you about how to find keywords for SEO, but you can use your preference or from where you get high commission. Unlike many SEO experts, my strategy is use those keywords that are helping your competition to rank number 1 in Google search result. Let’s learn how to do so.

  • Suppose you have selected E-Book Reader as your Affiliate product.
  • Then search Top Best E-Readers or Top 7 Best E-Readers on google.

  • The above post appears in top search result. Open this post and copy the URL.
  • Now go to Ubersuggest. Its a free tool designed by Neil Patel.

  • Enter the copied URL in above box and choose the country you are targeting for your affiliate marketing audience.

  • Click on View ALL.
  • The best part about this SEO strategy is that you can get all relevant keywords on which your competition is ranking for just with a click.
  • Along with relevant keywords, you also get additional data that is very important like Total Volume, Position, Estimated monthly visitors, Cost per Click etc.

If you are a beginner, than i will suggest you to go for keyword with low SEO difficulty that is below 40. Also give preference to low volume keyword.Now all you have to do is use these keywords in your blog post efficiently and let your hard-work help to rise on top.

What are backlinks in SEO ?

Now, we are done with explaining everything about how to promote affiliate products. You must have heard about backlinks. Let’s learn how to build backlinks.

Backlink are links from one website to a page on another website. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings. Learn how to build backlinks quickly by referring to this article.

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